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Recent Testimonies of Students Passing ILTS Exam​


Real students passing ILTS Exam with ILTS Tutors


A Long Record of ILTS Test Prep Success

ILTS 209 Dance

I took the ilts dance exam 2 times before using this program. I feel like the questions are more aligned than other programs out there. I recommend this site.

Testimony by Joshua F. – Eastern Illinois University – Charleston, IL

ILTS 206 Early Childhood

I needed to pass ilts 206 to keep my job. I took it 4 times and was not even close to passing. My mother found this site and paid for the 8 weeks course. I did weekly sessions and homework after each session. I felt that my studying before was all over the place; this made me more organized.

Testimony by Tatum V. – Aurora University – Aurora, IL

ILTS 213 Physical Education

Taking the test 8 times was very frustrating. I did not know what to do. I went to school for pe and my passion was in teaching pe. Taking the ilts physical education exam starting to become depressing. I am not the type of person o give up easily either, so I paid for this expensive tutoring, and I am glad I did. Working with John for 8 weeks got me to pass.

Testimony by Gina R. – Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, IL

ILTS 305 Elementary Education

I used ilts tutoring program for the elementary education. I did all sections with this tutoring program and passed all of the sections with 8 weeks program.

Testimony by Sergio R. – Blackburn College – Carlinville, IL

ILTS 220 Library Information Specialist

I am pleased with the service Mark provided for the library information specialist. I could not find anything for this exam. I tried for years and I am thank for god leading me to this site.

Testimony by Gelane B. – Elmhurst University – Elmhurst, IL

ILTS 208 Mathematics

I needed help with 208 math exam for my teaching certification in illinois. I took the test three times and failed. I even have a math degree, and I was just not sure what to do. I saw this site one night and decided to call the next morning. I spoke to this lady Dorian and she explained how this program was different. I went with this program as I did not see something like this before and glad I did. After working with Karen, I passed.

Testimony by Kenia R. – Governors State University – University Park, IL

ILTS 202 Middle Grades Mathematics

When you take test multiple times and your job is on the line, the stress can be high. At least for me it was a lot of stress as my family depended on my income. I really did not know what to do. I used everything out there. My school told me about this tutoring site. The school paid for half and I paid for the rest and did the 8 weeks course, so I did this program. I worked on some hard questions with my tutor, which I think was that got me to pass the ilts 202.

Testimony by Steve B. – Lake Forest College – Lake Forest, IL

ILTS 214 Visual Arts

I did the 4 weeks course for the visual arts ilts and did well on my exam. I want to thank my tutor Kathy.

Testimony by Thomas G. – Eastern Illinois University – Charleston, IL

ILTS 221 Reading Specialist

Super excited!!! I passed my reading specialist exam. Thank you for all the help.

Testimony by Mark G. – Governors State University – University Park, IL


ILTS 235 School Counselor Exam

I took a big chance on this program and it paid off. I did the loan via affirm as I had to pass. I was graduating with student loans and needed a job desperately. I knew I could get job if I passed the ilts school counselor exams. The one thing I liked about this program is that the questions were very similar; I knew as I took test 4 times before. I believe that is what got me to pass the test. I am very happy with this program.

Testimony by Barbara A. – North Central College – Naperville, IL

ILTS 213 Physical Education

My exam date for the ilts pe exam was coming up and I needed to get help as I only wanted to d the exam once. I did 4 weeks and pleased to report that I have passed. I think this program with my own studying got me to pass the exam. I do recommend this program if you are struggling.

Testimony by Amy H. – Lincoln College – Lincoln, IL

ILTS 239 Biology

Having taking the test 6 times, you feel very bad inside. I felt horrible. I had a biology degree. I graduated in 2020. I knew my stuff and I could not fathom what was going on. My dad signed me up for this program and told me was paid for so you had to do it. I did the program. I did everything I was told. I even did my own extra studying as I had to pass. I do credit this program for helping me to pass.

Testimony by Nia F. – Blackburn College – Carlinville, IL

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